Four Tips To Help Improve Exterior Waterproofing To Keep Water Out Of Your Basement

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Your basement can be flooded by many different causes. It can be due to poor waterproofing, a damaged foundation or problems with the plumbing. If you want to protect what you have invested in finishing your basement, it is important to have the right systems in place to protect your home from water damage. Here are some of the exterior improvements that you may want to consider to protect your home: 1. Replacing Old Asphalt Waterproofing If you have a home that was build decades ago, it is likely that the waterproofing system uses an asphalt based sealant. The problem with these systems is that the asphalt will eventually dry out and begin to leak. This means that you may need to replace the waterproofing on your home if it is an asphalt waterproofing system. 2. Improving The Grading Drainage The grading around your home can also affect the waterproofing of your home. This is because water can drain against the foundation of your home, causing static pressure. This pressure is what causes waterproofing to fail and damages the foundation. You will want to do everything possible to keep water from draining towards the foundation of your home. You may also want to have drain tiles and dry wells installed to help deal with excess water if you have poor drainage around your home. 3. Installing Foundation Drainage Systems You will also need a foundation drainage system to protect your home. These are often called French drain systems. You can have drainage installed when repairing the waterproofing on the exterior of your home. You may also want to have an interior system to deal with other moisture problems, such as condensation on exterior walls. An interior foundation drain will give your home additional protection from water problems.   4. Updating The Sump Pump And Well The basement of your home likely has a sump pump and well. This is a well that is used to pump plumbing waste and drainage water out of the basement of your home. If you are updating your basement with an interior waterproofing system, you may also need to have the sump pump system to accommodate any water that will need to be pumped out of your basement. These are some improvements that you may want to do to the exterior of your home to protect from water damage. If you need help with the waterproofing systems around your home, contact a waterproofing contractor, such as Champion Waterproofing and talk with them about helping improve your...

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Ideas For Creating A Stylish Kitchen During Your Remodel

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You’ve finally decided it’s time to remodel your kitchen. Of course your first step to approaching the remodel is deciding what’s going to make your life easier in that space. Once you’ve settled on those necessities, though, give a little thought to adding style to your kitchen. Tile Behind the Range Kitchens often feature tiled backsplashes behind the sink. However, a tile work behind the stove and oven range makes for a stylish backdrop, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Consider one of the following ideas for your range backsplash: Shaped tiles: Instead of straight rectangles, opt for different shapes such as octagons, circles or even elegant lantern shapes. Borders: Have the backsplash tiled with a decorative border. Iridescent or glass tiles: Select either glass tiles or those with an iridescent glaze for a shimmering effect. Bold pattern: Look for tiles with glazing that creates a striking pattern behind your range. Utilize Accent Lighting Most kitchens feature overhead and task lighting. However, to add style to your kitchen, consider adding accent lighting. The purpose of accent lighting is simply to highlight an architectural feature such as tall ceilings or beautiful trim. You can use these lights to draw attention to shelving or particularly pretty tile work as well. Select Pretty Lights While you’re in the lighting mode, have a look at your light fixtures. Chances are they could use an update. The fixtures you choose depend on the design of your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is modern, consider a geometric-styled chandelier. Another option for the contemporary kitchen is task lighting placed on an industrial track. For a more traditional effect, look for colorful pendant lights. Custom Design the Island Kitchen islands stand apart from the rest of the décor, so you can get a little creative with them. First, decide which tasks you want to complete on the island, and then select artistic styles to finish the space. For instance, consider having a hardwood cutting board installed directly into the countertop, or mount colorful pegboard on one side to hang your utensils. Likewise, consider adding on extras such as a cook’s bookshelf or display shelves at the end. Choose Cabinets Carefully The cabinets you choose will have one of the biggest impacts on both your kitchen’s design and functionality. There are so many options to choose, from the sleekest cabinets with no trim to those with furniture detailing. You can let the natural wood grain show, opt for classic white or choose a stylish color. Likewise, talk to your contractors about the various storage options such as pull-out pantries and custom inserts. Whether you tile the range backsplash or add pendant lights to your kitchen – or...

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Common Questions About Using Shredding Services For Your Business

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Modern businesses often must handle large amounts of sensitive data on a regular basis. When your business is finished using this information, it is important for you to have it properly destroyed to ensure that your customers or clients are not at risk of having this information stolen. However, if you have only recently started your company, you may be unsure of what is needed to keep your customers safe from this threat, but having the following few questions answered should help you to make sound choices for keeping your customers’ information secure when you no longer need to use it.  How Can You Keep Documents Safe Until It Is Time For Them To Be Shredded? There may be a significant delay between the time when you are finished using these documents and their destruction date. Unfortunately, this delay can expose these items to the risk of being compromised. Whether this is due to criminals entering your building or unethical staff members, these threats can expose your customers to the risk of identity theft.  Fortunately, shredding services will usually provide their clients with special containers for storing these items. These containers are equipped with locks to keep individuals from rummaging through the documents while they wait to be destroyed.  What Is Needed To Prepare Your Documents For Shredding? There are many business leaders that assume it will be necessary for them to take special steps to prepare their documents for the shredding process. Often, this belief stems from the idea that it is necessary to remove staples and bindings from these documents to prevent them from clogging or otherwise harming the shredding equipment.  Luckily, this is not the case, and your shredding provider should be able to handle documents with staples or binding. however, there is a chance that your shredding provider may want you to keep documents with bindings separate from the others. These items may need to go through a special shredder to ensure they are properly destroyed and keeping them separate will help save your shredding provider from having to manually separate these items.  When you are needing to have documents destroyed, it is critical for you to understand what you can expect from professional shredding services. Knowing that these providers can offer you secure storage containers and that you may need to keep tick documents wit bindings separate from the rest of your items to be shredded will help you to get the most from these document destruction services. For more information, contact a company like Document Demolition...

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How To Keep Kids Safe Around A Wood Stove

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Wood stoves work by radiating heat, which means they are often hot to the touch. When you combine this hot exterior with the burning embers within, there’s no question that wood stoves can pose dangers for kids. Fortunately, the arrival of a new bundle of joy doesn’t mean you have to give up your wood stove. Instead, take these steps to protect your little ones and make your wood stove as safe as possible for both your children and your entire family. Add a Safety Gate One of the most important things to consider when you have a wood stove is how you will keep little hands away from the stove itself. If you have a standard freestanding stove, your best bet is to simply pick up a wood stove safety gate. These gates are very similar to traditional baby gates, but are designed to wrap all the way around your stove to keep kids away. You may also be able to craft your own gate, such as this DIY version made from wrought iron.  Another option is to swap your freestanding stove for a fireplace insert, which is a wood stove designed to fit in an existing fireplace. This makes it much easier to block the stove using small doors, gates or grates at the entrance to the fireplace. Maximize Air Quality Old or poorly maintained stoves can pollute the air, so keep the air around your home safe by choosing the safest stove. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, gas-fired stoves pollute much less than those that burn solid fuel. If you must have a solid-fuel burning stove, choose wood pellets or corn over cordwood whenever possible. No matter which stove you choose, always stick to EPA-certified models to minimize pollution and keep air quality as high as possible. Keep Fuel Secure If you’re using cordwood for your stove, you can easily keep it outside to keep it away from your kids. If you’re using pellets or corn, consider an automatic feeder system that keeps fuel safely concealed in a hopper until it’s fed into the stove. If you have a spare bin of fuel, install a simple hasp lock on the outside to keep kids out. Fire Safety Reduce the risk of fire in your chimney or wood stove by hiring a professional to install the stove and chimney liner. Skilled installers not only tackle the installation itself but can also advise you on the safety of the surrounding area, such as the flammability of nearby wall or floor finishes. It’s also important to have your stove and chimney professionally inspected each year to reduce the risk of chimney fires associated with creosote buildup. For more information...

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The Three Main Types of Decorative Windows

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Decorative windows are specialty windows that use alternative types of glass to provide a unique aesthetic to your home. They can be broadly categorized into three main categories, each of which offers a different set of benefits and drawbacks. Understanding the differences between the three main types of decorative windows can help you choose the one that best fits the design needs of your home. Stained Glass Stained glass windows are traditionally associated only with the church, but they can provide a traditional and luxurious atmosphere to your home. The vibrant colors of stained glass cannot be beat, and they provide a translucent barrier, allowing light into your home while preventing others from seeing in. However, stained glass is also incredibly expensive when compared to regular glass windows, due to the complexity of manufacturing and design, and also because stained glass windows are custom made for your home. This makes stained glass windows a nonviable option for homeowners without a large budget. Etched Glass Etched glass is made by blasting a high pressure spray onto a window that is covered with a stencil, creating a frosted look. This means that you can have designs on your windows while still being able to see through them, as the entire window does not have to be etched. Etched glass windows are easier to produce than stained glass windows, which means that their price point is much lower, though the actual price will depend on the design in question. The main disadvantage of etched glass is that it can become dirty very easily, and can be hard to clean, because the etched surface is fairly rough, providing an ideal surface for small particles of dirt to hide in. This makes maintenance a more time-consuming and annoying process. Window Film Window films are a much more affordable option for most homeowners. Decorative window films can be easily applied and removed, which means that you can change the design whenever you want. Additionally, they can imitate the aesthetics of both stained and etched glass windows. They also provide an extra layer of insulation for your windows, which can help reduce heat loss in the winter and reduce your energy bills in the long term. However, window films do not provide the same degree of privacy as stained glass does, because at night they can be easily seen through. Additionally, in the winter, window films can reflect sunlight, decreasing the amount of natural heat that your home receives, which can negate the potential energy savings that come from increased insulation. For more information, talk to a professional like Sound Glass Sales,...

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Repair Of The Pressure Regulator On A Propane Tank Used For Home Heating

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Home appliances designed to operate on propane must have a steady flow of gas at a consistent pressure. Individuals who have noticed irregularities in propane appliances may need to repair or replace the pressure regulator on their propane supply tank. Propane is delivered by truck to your residence in liquid form. Also referred to as liquid petroleum, propane retains its liquid state only as long as it remains under sufficient pressure. All propane tanks used to supply gas to homes must have a valve mechanism to reduce the pressure of propane vapor, making it suitable for household use. Symptoms of incorrect pressure If the gas pressure reaching your appliances is too high, you may notice that appliance flames are somewhat larger than normal. Although the odor of gas could be indicative of a leak, it is also a possible symptom of excessive pressure. In contrast, low pressure is more likely to result in diminished, inadequate flames in appliances. The typical residential pressure regulator is located on top of the propane tank, under the protective hood. Although the tank contains pressurized liquid propane, the upper portion of the tank interior contains vapor under the same high pressure. The pressure regulator receives tank vapor at a high pressure and then releases it at a lower pressure. Fluctuations in tank pressure The regulator must adjust to changing pressure within the tank. As the volume of propane drops due to usage over time, so does the internal pressure. The pressure within the tank may increase temporarily during hot, sunny days. If the propane level drops too low, the vapor pressure above any remaining liquid becomes inadequate for use. Even as the tank pressure changes, the supply of gas to household appliances must remain steady. The supply pressure must remain consistent as additional appliances are turned on or off. Whether you have recently received a propane delivery or it is time to order more, the gas pressure supplied to appliances should be the same. Periodic inspections Although the regulator sits under a protective dome, it needs an occasional visual inspection. Make sure that no insects have taken up residence underneath the tank lid. If the gauges are dusty, clean off their faces so they can be easily read. Even though the pressure regulator is easily accessible, repair or replacement must be performed by a knowledgeable specialist. A professional inspection is an essential step to ensure that your system pressure is correct. Contact a propane contractor such as Self Heating Cooling for more information on the use of propane for home...

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