If the water from your faucet is coming out as a trickle, you might have a problem with your pressure tank. The pressure tank ensures that water from your well will flow through to your home with proper amount of force. To ensure that your pressure tank works properly, you need to perform routine maintenance. Here’s a quick guide to proper pressure tank maintenance.

Turn the Power Off

Before you begin any work on your pressure tank, you need to make sure that the entire well has been turned off. Begin by turning the power off at the well. Be sure that the power is off to both the well and the pressure tank. Next, you’ll need to turn the power to the well off at the circuit breaker. This will ensure that the power is off to the entire system. Be sure to place a note on the circuit breaker letting people know that you’ve turned the power off. Labeling the circuit breaker will ensure that someone doesn’t accidentally turn the power back on while you’re working on the pressure tank.

Drain the Tank

Once you have the power turned off, you’ll need to drain the tank. This is a simple process that only requires a garden hose. Locate the drain at the bottom of the tank. Attach your garden hose to the drain and open the valve. The water should begin draining as soon as you open the valve. Leave the valve open until all the water has been drained from the tank.

Remove the Hatch

When all the water has been drained from the tank, you can disconnect the air regulator and remove the hatch. Using a pair of adjustable pliers, twist the regulator to loosen the connection and remove the regulator. Once the regulator has been removed, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and carefully lift the hatch off the tank.

Service the Tank

To maintain adequate water pressure, the tank needs to be clean. Calcium deposits can build up inside the tank. Those deposits can reduce the effectiveness of your pressure tank. Use steel wool to clean the inside of the pressure tank. Wipe the residual away with a soft cloth, and replace the hatch and the regulator.

If you receive your water through a well, you need to make sure that the pressure tank is working properly. Use the instructions provided here to keep your tank clean. Talk to a professional, like Valley Drilling Corp, for more help.