Ready-mix concrete can be used for a variety of projects from patching up a concrete driveway to laying a new concrete slab for a patio. If you are ready to make some changes in your landscaping, you can use ready-mix concrete for this purpose. Keep reading to learn two ways you can do this.

Landscape Edging

You can use concrete as landscape edging. This can save you a lot of time, as with concrete edging you will not have to keep replacing broken or rusted landscape edging. You will likely like the look of concrete edging also. The concrete can be used in many types of curves, unlike metal curbing. Concrete edging can also keep weeds and grass from invading your flower gardens.

To get started with landscape edging, lay a garden hose on the ground in the shape you want the edging to be. This will give you a guide to go by. Next, excavate the perimeter of the border, removing approximately eight to ten inches of the soil. When you are finished excavating, compact the soil so there will be a solid base for the concrete. You can compact it by using a tamping tool, which you can purchase at a garden center.

Mix the concrete according to the instructions provided. If you want your concrete to be a certain color, you can purchase coloring at the home-improvement store. It comes in a powdered form. You can find colors that will make the concrete look like brick, stone, or another specific color you want.

Follow the instructions on the powdered color you purchased so you know how much powder to add to the concrete. Pour the concrete into the excavated soil and use a trowel to smooth it out until it is even. Let the concrete dry completely, and then remove the hardboard and wooden stakes

Concrete Pavers

You can use the ready-mix concrete to make concrete pavers to add a stone walkway to your landscaping. You could add a walkway path that leads to a flower garden, a bench, or another place in your yard. Before you starting making the concrete pavers, you will have to find a mold. You can use a mold of any size or shape.

Mix the ready-mix concrete according to the package directions. Spray the mold liberally with non-stick oil cooking spray to keep the concrete from sticking to the mold. Pour the concrete you prepared into the mold. Make sure the concrete is even inside the mold. If it is not, use a trowel to even it out. Place a rag over the concrete to soak up any excess water that may be on top of it, and then remove the rag.

You can now put decorations on top of the concrete, if these are preferred. For example, you could use hand prints, marbles, sea glass, or small colored pebbles.

Let the paver dry for about 48 hours, and then turn the paver over and tap out the concrete mold. Moisten a rag and place it over the paver, then let the paver sit for about two weeks before you start using it. Use more than one mold so you can make many pavers at the same time.

If you need help using the concrete, contact a concrete contractor such as Van Doren Red-E-Mix for help.