How To Tell When A Roof With Asphalt Shingles Should Be Repaired Or Replaced

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Did you notice that a lot of asphalt shingles are missing from your roof? The missing shingles can be replaced, but you might need a new roof if there is a lot of damage. This article will discuss some of the damage that an asphalt shingle roof can experience when a replacement or repair is needed. Black Streaks All Over the Roof When there are black streaks all over your roof, it is a problem that requires prompt attention. You are not looking at a lot of dirt, but the streaks are algae spores that can damage the asphalt shingles. It is actually wise for you to hire a contractor to climb on top of the roof to see if the algae spores have already done any damage. If the streaks have been present on the roof for a long time, it is possible that the algae spores consumed some of the limestone that is in the shingles. If none of the shingles are damaged, getting your roof power washed to get rid of the algae spores is ideal. Discoloration On the Ceiling Inside of Your House If there is any yellow discoloration on the ceiling inside of your house, it might mean that you need a new roof installed. If you have neglected to get your roof inspected for maintenance over the years, it is possible that the asphalt shingles deteriorated from mold, ultraviolet radiation or algae spores. If the shingles are badly deteriorated, the roof deck may have deteriorated as well. It is important to get the roof deck inspected for holes that allow rainwater to seep inside of your house. You might also notice that your house is less energy efficient if there are holes in the roof deck. There Are a Lot of Granules Missing Granules are an important aspect of the construction of asphalt shingles for keeping them durable. The granules are not only in place for adding more appeal to asphalt shingles, but also to protects the asphalt from too much ultraviolet radiation exposure. You can tell when there is a big problem with granule loss because you’ll notice them lying around on the ground or inside of the rain gutters if you are in the habit of cleaning them out. Shingles that are missing granules should be replaced as soon as possible. Speak to a contractor about inspecting your roof to determine what kind of roof repairs should be...

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3 Signs That Your Water Needs To Be Tested

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Even though you and your family probably use the tap water in your home on a daily basis, you might not pay it much attention on normal days. However, there are some cases in which you need to have your water tested in order to ensure that your water is safe for you and your family to drink and use. These are three signs that it might be time to have your water tested by a professional. 1. It Smells Like Sulfur If you have ever smelled the smell of sulfur, it’s probably something that you’ll never forget. The best way to describe this odor is to describe it as a “rotten egg” type of smell. If you notice this type of odor coming from your faucet — even if your water looks and tastes just fine — you should have your water tested for sulfur. You may need to filter the water in your home to help get rid of this unpleasant smell, which is common for people who have well water. 2. It Smells or Tastes Like Chlorine The last thing that you want to taste when taking a big sip out of your glass of water in the morning is the taste of pool water. However, water that has been overly treated or that has an improper balance of chemicals can taste and smell just like chlorine. In many cases, the water is still safe to drink. However, along with being unpleasant, it can be dangerous if there are dangerous levels of chlorine. It is better to be safe and to have your water tested, particularly if you notice this problem for more than a day or so. 3. It’s Salty Tap water isn’t supposed to taste like ocean water. If you find that your tap water tastes really salty, it could be related to high levels of sodium in your water. For example, your water could have been contaminated by sewage, or too many chemicals could have been added to the water. Due to the threat of sewage contamination, it is important to take this problem very seriously and to have your water tested as soon as possible. As you can see, there are a few key signs to look out for in regards to your water. Whether you have well water or not, it is critical to have your water tested in these three situations. Otherwise, your family could get sick from drinking contaminated water. For more information, talk to a company like Funks Drilling...

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