Four Tips To Help Improve Exterior Waterproofing To Keep Water Out Of Your Basement

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Your basement can be flooded by many different causes. It can be due to poor waterproofing, a damaged foundation or problems with the plumbing. If you want to protect what you have invested in finishing your basement, it is important to have the right systems in place to protect your home from water damage. Here are some of the exterior improvements that you may want to consider to protect your home: 1. Replacing Old Asphalt Waterproofing If you have a home that was build decades ago, it is likely that the waterproofing system uses an asphalt based sealant. The problem with these systems is that the asphalt will eventually dry out and begin to leak. This means that you may need to replace the waterproofing on your home if it is an asphalt waterproofing system. 2. Improving The Grading Drainage The grading around your home can also affect the waterproofing of your home. This is because water can drain against the foundation of your home, causing static pressure. This pressure is what causes waterproofing to fail and damages the foundation. You will want to do everything possible to keep water from draining towards the foundation of your home. You may also want to have drain tiles and dry wells installed to help deal with excess water if you have poor drainage around your home. 3. Installing Foundation Drainage Systems You will also need a foundation drainage system to protect your home. These are often called French drain systems. You can have drainage installed when repairing the waterproofing on the exterior of your home. You may also want to have an interior system to deal with other moisture problems, such as condensation on exterior walls. An interior foundation drain will give your home additional protection from water problems.   4. Updating The Sump Pump And Well The basement of your home likely has a sump pump and well. This is a well that is used to pump plumbing waste and drainage water out of the basement of your home. If you are updating your basement with an interior waterproofing system, you may also need to have the sump pump system to accommodate any water that will need to be pumped out of your basement. These are some improvements that you may want to do to the exterior of your home to protect from water damage. If you need help with the waterproofing systems around your home, contact a waterproofing contractor, such as Champion Waterproofing and talk with them about helping improve your...

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Ideas For Creating A Stylish Kitchen During Your Remodel

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You’ve finally decided it’s time to remodel your kitchen. Of course your first step to approaching the remodel is deciding what’s going to make your life easier in that space. Once you’ve settled on those necessities, though, give a little thought to adding style to your kitchen. Tile Behind the Range Kitchens often feature tiled backsplashes behind the sink. However, a tile work behind the stove and oven range makes for a stylish backdrop, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Consider one of the following ideas for your range backsplash: Shaped tiles: Instead of straight rectangles, opt for different shapes such as octagons, circles or even elegant lantern shapes. Borders: Have the backsplash tiled with a decorative border. Iridescent or glass tiles: Select either glass tiles or those with an iridescent glaze for a shimmering effect. Bold pattern: Look for tiles with glazing that creates a striking pattern behind your range. Utilize Accent Lighting Most kitchens feature overhead and task lighting. However, to add style to your kitchen, consider adding accent lighting. The purpose of accent lighting is simply to highlight an architectural feature such as tall ceilings or beautiful trim. You can use these lights to draw attention to shelving or particularly pretty tile work as well. Select Pretty Lights While you’re in the lighting mode, have a look at your light fixtures. Chances are they could use an update. The fixtures you choose depend on the design of your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is modern, consider a geometric-styled chandelier. Another option for the contemporary kitchen is task lighting placed on an industrial track. For a more traditional effect, look for colorful pendant lights. Custom Design the Island Kitchen islands stand apart from the rest of the décor, so you can get a little creative with them. First, decide which tasks you want to complete on the island, and then select artistic styles to finish the space. For instance, consider having a hardwood cutting board installed directly into the countertop, or mount colorful pegboard on one side to hang your utensils. Likewise, consider adding on extras such as a cook’s bookshelf or display shelves at the end. Choose Cabinets Carefully The cabinets you choose will have one of the biggest impacts on both your kitchen’s design and functionality. There are so many options to choose, from the sleekest cabinets with no trim to those with furniture detailing. You can let the natural wood grain show, opt for classic white or choose a stylish color. Likewise, talk to your contractors about the various storage options such as pull-out pantries and custom inserts. Whether you tile the range backsplash or add pendant lights to your kitchen – or...

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