3 Tips For Choosing An Affordable And Eco-Friendly Roof

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If you would like to help the planet survive longer, but also need the money in your bank account to last longer, you will be pleasantly surprised by the choices currently available to help you do both. With advances in technology, you can be ecologically responsible and stick to a budget when choosing new roofing materials. You have a wide variety of choices to help you. First–Consider What You Need From A New Roof If you live in the southern part of the United States, you know that your summers will be longer, hotter, and more humid than those of your neighbors to the north, and their winters will typically be more severe than your own. Therefore, roofs should not only protect your home from heat and cold, but also function to deter heat and provide extra insulation. Another challenge is experienced by anyone living in areas that are prone to severe weather, like hurricanes or tropical storms. In that case, you will need to consider roofing materials that are rated for protection against those types of natural disasters. Next– Determine What “Affordable” Means To You The word affordable is often subjective. Therefore, it is a good idea to to consider not only what your budget is, but how long a period of time you are planning for. One example would be if you simply need to get the cheapest, environmentally responsible roof that you can and cannot wait for the savings that the use of a new roof may provide to offset the cost. Alternatively, you may also find that rebates, longer warranties or tax benefits are available to home-owners who choose certain types of environmentally responsible roofs or accompanying technology. If you need the least expensive option because you are looking at the short-term, immediate up-front cost of a new roof, you might do well with a steel roof. Longer-term savers may benefit from plastic polymer or the use of solar roofing materials, coupled with modern solar collection technology, as mentioned below. Finally- Learn About Some Newer Roofing Choices A common mistake is to associate a metal roof solely with copper, which is a great substance, but very expensive. A more affordable choice is steel, which can be made of recycled materials and lasts for many years. Plastic polymer can be made of recycled materials and then recycled again after many years of serving your home. Like steel, it is reasonably priced and you can buy polymer that closely resembles wooden or slate shakes, if you do not want your roof to stand out from others in your area. A third, more expensive choice that can be used to help in the collection of solar energy and...

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3 Tips For Lubricating Your Garage Door Spring

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To keep your garage door spring working properly, it’s important to keep it well lubricated. Although you can hire a garage door repair company to help you with this, it isn’t a necessity. Instead, you can lubricate it yourself with any lubricant that you purchase from a home improvement store or auto parts store. If you follow these tips, your garage door spring should be repaired and ready to go in no time. 1. Remember That a Little Goes a Long Way Don’t get too out of control when using your lubricant. Instead, remember that a little bit goes a long way. As you apply the lubricant to your garage door spring, just add a very thin line. If you add too much lubricant, it can attract dirt and dust, which can actually cause your garage door spring to bind up. 2. Clean it Up While you’re adding lubricant to your garage door spring, you can check for dirt, grime and other debris that could be stuck in the track. If you let it pile up and don’t clean it up, then you have to worry about your garage door being stopped from fluid movement. All you have to do is use a rag that has been dipped in your favorite all-purpose cleaner and wipe the track and any other area of your garage door that might be dirty. 3. Take the Opportunity to Inspect When you are lubricating your garage door spring, you should take a close look at it for any potential problems. If you see any dents, cuts or other damage to your spring, then it’s time to have it replaced by a garage door repair professional. Otherwise, not only do you have to worry about further damage to your garage door, which could be expensive, but you also have to worry about your garage door crashing and causing injury to you, one of your loved ones or your car. As you probably already know, lubricating your garage door spring is very important. Luckily, this is a maintenance task that you should be able to complete on your own. Just follow these simple tips while you’re doing it, and you can ensure that you do a good job. Otherwise, you can always hire a good garage door repair professional like one from American Eagle Garage Door Services to come out and lubricate your garage door spring, along with doing other maintenance tasks and a full...

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